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Quality Translation


Qualtiy Translation offers high-quality translation services according to the EN ISO 17100. Quality directly from the experts. From Vienna to Zurich. 



We interpret for our clients at conferences (simultaneous interpretation service in the booth) and at negotiations (with whispering or tour-guide system techniques), put you in contact with experienced court interpreters and interpret for you in different legal and administrative matters in all languages (mainly in western european languages). We will gladly support you also at technical trainings for your employees or managers and offer our services also for your training abroad, even if for several weeks. 


No matter where your event takes place, whether in Zurich, Genève, Basel, Bern, Zug, Luzern or in Vienna, Hamburg, Berlin, Munich or Milan: we will gladly support you all over Europe. We support you and give you advice personally and on the spot during the entire order processing. 


We offer our services in the most different specialist fields and dispose of various years of experience in the following subject areas:
Pharmacy, medicine, automobile industry, mechanical engineering, tourism,
sports (climbing, bike racing),
taxes, balance sheets, financial matters,
fine arts


Whether you need headsets, interpreting booths, tour-guide systems for whisper interpreting, microphones or loudspeaker – we organise the tailor-made equipment for your multilingual event.

All our packages comprise the most modern interpreting equipment.

For you that means: technical equipment of the last generation, infrared, completely digitalized, 100% reliable and field-tested. 


All language combinations:







Do not leave the quality of your multilingual communication to chance! Whether planned long before or in the short term – we will gladly support you and offer you our professional advice free of charge before your multilingual event.



hWe translate for you from our offices in Graz and Zurich.
Our service is:

  • Competent, accurate, on time – and confidential.

  • Only well-trained translators with experience in the specialist field

  • Flexible, rapid turnaround and timeliness

  • Fair cost-effectiveness

Our specialised translators from our translator’s network work in different specialised fields and that is why we can put you in contact always with the right, competent and highly qualified translator for your specialised subject. All the special-ised translations are proofread before delivery by our team or a second translator from our network. Because quality is of the utmost priority for us.ät!


All services from one provider:

  • Translations, editing services, revisions and legal authentications for all languages and all subject fields

  • Personal support of our clients during the entire processing order – from the price offer and first support to accounting


We offer you highly-qualified translations in the specialist fields


financial matters, economy,



medical engineering,

mechanical engineering,






Conference interpreting is normally calculated on the basis of a daily fee by adding various extra costs like travel costs and hotel etc. This is the usual practice because for a conference interpreting service an accurate preparation is required which takes several hours or sometimes even more than one day. This time expenditure needs to be considered when calculating the offer. Also the travelling time needs to be included in the calculation. Due to the time needed for travelling and preparation the interpreter normally cannot take over a second order during this day and this is why we normally charge a daily fee for conference interpreting.


The only exceptions are interpreting services offered to the court or other public authorities where very often very short services are required (sometimes lasting less than one hour) and thus in this case we can also charge per hour. 


As regards interpreting services we differentiate between liaison interpreting (normally for small groups or between business partners in contract negotiations), court interpreting and interpreting for public authorities (police, hospitals, etc.) and consecutive and simultaneous interpreting (conference interpreting). Since the requirements to interpreters in the mentioned fields are so different, the fees also vary accordingly.


The fees for translations are charged on the basis of a price per line. This price is established at the placing of order.

A standard line normally has 55 characters. Usually the source text is taken as a basis to calculate the price. If this should not be possible or should take too much time (due to the format of the document), we base our calculation on the target text.  


In case of proofreading services the time expenditure is charged per hour. Other services like the composition of letters, phone calls, conference calls with your business partners abroad and similar services are also charged according to the time expenditure.

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